Graffiti, Friends & Food: Teen's Edition

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Searching for something authentic to do this holiday? Then our exclusive under-18 tour is for you. Grab your friends and marvel at the vibrant street art of Woodstock before entering the home of local residents, Shaheed and his son. They invite you into their home and guide you through the ultimate samoosa-making experience. Sit and eat with them while gaining exposure to different cultures and engaging with new perspectives. 

Flow of the day:

  • Drop-off at The Cape Town Stock Exchange 5 minutes before the start of the tour (10:00 / 13:00).
  • @jumaartstours will take you on an adventure through the streets of Woodstock to show you the variety of incredible street art.
  • You will meet Shaheed and his son and they will invite you into their home to show you the art of samoosa making. 
  • Sit down in their home to share a meal and engage in interesting conversations.
  • You will meet your parents back at The Cape Town Stock Exchange at the end of the tour (12:30 / 15:30).


Minimum number of persons per tour: 4 persons.

Maximum number of persons per tour: 10 persons.

Once you have purchased your ticket, we will be in contact via email to communicate specific tour details.