Our Soul Story


Like all great journey’s in life – there has to be a beginning. Soul Travellers roots lie in the holy land of Israel, steeped in exoticism and heritage. It was here, that our business catalyst, Siphesihle Penny, began to dream up an idea so brilliant that it has not only disrupted the narrative of domestic tourism in South Africa, but is cultivating and redefining it entirely. From the unique perspective of being an intuitive traveller herself, Penny honed in on the yearning for connection felt by our continent and the people who make it what it is.

“Through Soul Traveller Tours we have created a platform for people to feel good about their country and heritage. We want people to connect and experience the unexplored soul of our cultures and continent. The immersive experiences that we have curated will provide a platform for all South Africans and international visitors to connect, create and affirm strong bonds of community and kinship. We seek to create a unique travel movement designed to ignite deep connectivity with our history, and fellow countrymen resulting in unexpected friendships.” - Siphesihle Penny Ndlela

And so, the first Group Travel Tour Operator in the country focused on the domestic market, was born. We are the pioneers of group travel in Africa working to quell the intimidation of travel by connecting local travellers with the beauty and intricacy of our continents landscapes. We promote local travel as a viable option – allowing our own people to become ambassadors of the country creating a sustainable travel movement that supports the local economy.


  Are You A Soul Traveller?

You are filled with inspired curiosity and a longing to go deeper.
You enjoy sharing authentic experiences with others.
You are open to change, connection and vulnerability.
You feel that travel helps us respect our difference and similarities.
You are interested in ethical and responsible travel.
You seek cultural immersions and experiential, sensory learning.